Teens and Video Games – How Much is too Much?


Playing video games in good gaming PC with radiator liquid cooling system may help improve your child’s motor skills, reaction time or even academic performance, but some new research has revealed that too much gaming can be a link to social and behavioral problems. For instance, your child may become more introvertial due to gaming addiction and all they would ever want is to play their game and detach from the real world where socializing is part of our daily lives.

Some Spanish researchers found that any skill enhancements linked to gaming for those aged between 7-11 started to max out after about 8 hours of gaming in a week. And for those who played for nine hours or more in a week, were more likely to have behavioral and social problems. One to nine hours in a week seems safe, but more than nine hours may not be recommended for children aged 7 – 11 years.

The long term consequences of giving your child more time on here hand-held device is that there can be a steep price to pay for all that borrowed free time. Excessive screen time and gaming many a time negatively impacts your relationship with your child and also degrades their own mental health.

In the gaming market, the game creators are designing more intelligent games to keep your child hooked for longer so as to keep their customers. Playing games may seem to be one of the easiest, cheapest as well as seemingly the most benign ways to get an amazing adrenaline rush in the shortest amount of time. Sounds like a drug? For some kids, it acts like one and the designers of these games do know how to be pushers.

Also, you should always stay updated with the research into effects of video gaming. At present, research into the effects of video games is at its infancy. Moreover, research findings are often inconclusive and the video games industry promote their own research which will definitely show that video games are healthy as well as harmless. Always consider the source of any research that you read and also visit the guide site for recommendation and research updates.

Video games are especially designed to make a player feel great, smart, accomplished, adept as well as powerful. They usually do this by providing your child with an on-screen fantasy that they have achieved something that feels extraordinary. The as if to add fuel to the fire, the games are made for players to associate themselves with an in-game character.

In simpler terms, it is not the game that is so insidious, but the strong attachment and dependence that your child projects onto the experience that can be addictive and dangerous.

It is important to control your kids gaming time for their own good. Too much of anything is poisonous but if they do play these games at a controlled rate, they stand to benefit from them. Just watch out for signs that will tell you that they are into gaming too much and know it is time you took control over their gaming lifestyle.

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